Hand Crafted with you in mind...

Every Vita Atelier item is hand crafted carefully by my own two hands, materials carefully chosen to provide you with the best quality and unique end piece. 

I always look to use natural materials for my jewellery, and with this comes the little exquisite details nature has to offer... from the gemstone earrings to the fabric gift wrapping, every detail has been though of to bring you a unique, beautiful and yet eco friendly experience.

About Me

I am an artist, a maker, a mother, a human.

I finally had the courage and life 'push' to set up Vita Atelier but it was a long time coming, you could say it runs in my veins... My paternal grandfather had a jewellery and watch shop, and my maternal grandfather was a metalsmith , so ever since I can remember in the Summer I would help my grandad sell and fix jewellery and watches in the Algarve and when I wasn't there I would be with my other grandad watchching him work the metal and speak to customers in a small city near Lisbon.

Unfortunately due to health issues I had to give up my job, a career I had worked hard for, suddenly came to pieces, in fact my world came to pieces. I needed to pick myself up so to relax and keep my mind positive, I got back to myself, my art, my creativity...

Named after my grandmother who sadly passed away in May this year, Vita which coincidently means life in Italian is actually short for Vitalina and Vita Atelier was born. Out of love, good energy and positivity...

Now I put my all into making beautiful items as unique as you, in my home studio in sunny Essex, England. So when you wear them or display them in your home, I hope they bring you a lot of joy!

From me to you with love,

Monica x